Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael Vaughan Retires, Planet Mourns.

It's like Michael Jackson died again. People are openly weeping in the streets and streaming YouTube clips of Michael Vaughan.


I like Michael Vaughan. You have to like anyone who kinda looks like Matthew Bellamy. You've also gotta like someone who captained his national team to a test series victory over arguably the greatest side of all time.

Vaughan apparently decided to call it a day after his 3-year-old son bowled a good length ball that hit a weed, nipped away and took out his off stump in his back garden.

In the wake of his retirement, the word "great" is being bandied around a lot. Donald Bradman was great. Steve Waugh was great. Michael Vaughan will go down in the rich annals of cricketing history is being "alright". That's 5 categories below "great" and 3 categories above "pants."

The Ashes triumph of 2005 was a great achievement, but the conquering of cricket's mount Everest was sullied by many a stumble over the tiniest hillock.

I will miss Michael Vaughan completely forgetting where his off stump is, and flapping around until he nicks one to the slips.

Oh as far as the picture is concerned, I did a Google image search for "Michael Vaughan" and I found this one with the caption "Michael Vaughan, model train enthusiast"


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