Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sri Lankans - The Great Innovators

I don't think anyone could have failed to be impressed with the first ever Diving Punch Six Destroyer. Or its alternate name, doing an Angelo. The bizarrely named (for a Sri Lankan) Angelo Mathews caught a ball while his momentum was taking him over the boundary and, like many have done before, he tried to throw the ball up high enough to be able to stop and get back infield to take the catch.

Thankfully he wasn't able to get the throw right, as it was falling down comfortably over the boundary line. So whats a fielder to do? Most would shrug their shoulders, content at giving it their best.

Not Angelo. Angelo said, "f*ck that", and threw himself off the ground to slap the falling ball back infield.

What's most amazing is a) it worked and b) its completely legal. Although the concern of the commentators that fielders would now be strategically placed in the stands to volleyball smash sixes back in field was, frankly, dumb as bricks.

You can view the Diving Punch Six Destroyer over here.

Anyone else think Angelo might just be a fan of Dodgeball?


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