Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The "Super" Eights

I have to admit something. I totally screwed up with my predictions. I was wrong in thinking that the Super 8 groups would be based on the opening group positions. Worse, I actually heard that they were going to sort them based on the last T20 World Cup but I dismissed this idea out of hand because it just sounded absolutely ridiculous.

Even now, staring at the actual fixtures for the Super Eights, I still find myself looking at the pages with a furrowed brow of skepticism.

At the moment India are playing Ireland in a total dead rubber, since qualifying positions are meaningless. Of the 4 groups, 3 had final matches that meant absolutely bugger all.

Well done, ICC.

So, let's take a quick look at the two groups.

The Group Of Death

South Africa
West Indies

Just once I'd like to see a team in the group of death actually die.

This is a really tough group but I still foresee no deaths. Group of Brow Furrowedness would probably bit more accurate.

South Africa and India are probably the two favourites and tick all the boxes. England are the hosts, which should count for something. And the West Indies have a guy who can win any game single handedly.

I'm still sticking with India and SA but my brow is furiously furrowed.

The Group of Dearth

Sri Lanka
New Zealand

Dearth of talent, ability, quality...whatever floats your boat. I'm sure one of these teams will win the bloody thing, just to make me look like a fool, but I think most would admit that this is a really poor group. On the bright side, it means that it might be evenly contested.

All snark aside, I'm still really enjoying the tournament...even if it only starts properly tomorrow.


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