Saturday, June 27, 2009

SA player of the year

I don't know whats more remarkable - the fact that each one of the 5 nominees has a really strong shout for the award, or the fact that none of the nominees is Jacques Kallis.

It's hard to make a call without knowing exactly when the review period begins and ends (because its definitely not just the calendar year), but since when have I ever let "not knowing all the facts" hold me back.

Duminy was a bit too late to the party, only getting his first test in Oz.

Prince averages 100 over the last 12 months but injuries and Duminy meant he only played in 7 games. Plus he didn't play any ODI or T20's.

Steyn drastically improved his ODI and T20 bowling but had a poor test series against England (by his standards).

Smith kicked ass in tests, even more so if you remove the effect of his broken fingers on his average. His claiming victories in England and Australia is also really impressive. But his form in the other codes was also a little lacking.

Which leaves the guy I would go for...Justin Ontong! I mean...AB De Villiers! The guy has come of age and is pivotal to all 3 forms of the game.

The official awards will be handed out on Tuesday night.


Sean Thompson said...

I would also go for AB with JP coming in at a close 2nd place

raj said...

AB got all the cheap runs. JP was the one who won that Aussie series for you when his ass was being fried. Nothing elsee should out.
Trying to Square cut Afridi alone should disqualify AB.

Darren Buser on June 29, 2009 at 11:13 PM said...

JP had a couple amazing knocks in OZ, that's for sure. But he was a bit below par back here in SA. He also didn't take part in the crucial test series win over England. Just don't think there's quite enough there to give it to him.

Whereas AB was strong across all formats and pretty much all through the review period. The guy averaged over 60 in OZ, England and here in SA. That's consistently impressive.

Sean Thompson said...

well we all got it wrong it turned out to be my captain my captain ( smithy) which I am also very happy about. come to think about it I like all those players that were nominated. so I would not have had a complaint any way

Darren Buser on July 2, 2009 at 9:16 PM said...

It just shows what a great year we had. Next season can only be a crushing disappointment.

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