Monday, June 15, 2009

England out to the rain?

Is that fair on the Windies or an accurate statement? That Duckworth calculation did seem a bit dodgy but England didn't set that great a score and really should have chosen to field after winning the toss.

One things for sure, England won't be winning many T20 games with no bigger hitters in their middle order. What exactly does Collingwood bring to the team, other than the opportunity for ginger jokes? I know Flintoff was missing but it was absolutely bizarre seeing England managing just 2 boundaries in the final 8 overs, and the big hitting Mascheranas sitting forlornly on the bench.


Anonymous said...

Collingwood wouldn't be in my England T20 team but he's not as shit at this format as his last few innings suggest. Two 50's (high score of 79) from 19 international innings including 15 sixes at a strike rate of 135. Desperately out of form unfortunately.

Don't rate Mascheranas. He's still riding the success of those 5 sixes in an over off the pie chucker Yuvraj. Hasn't done much in the two years since.

Great keeping by Foster but he'll be disappointed with his batting. He's not the bunny people seem to think he is.

Terrible squad selection cost England. The duckworth calculation didn't help either. 80 from 9 overs? England were 75/2 after 9 and they were going steady. England had to keep taking wickets but when you have 10 to achieve a manageable total, Windies never had to stop taking risks. Essentially they needed to bowl them out in 9 overs.

Doubt anyone will stop SA although anyone can beat anyone on their day so may be we'll see an upset.


Darren Buser on June 16, 2009 at 3:59 PM said...

Who are the prospective big hitters for England though?

Maybe Wright could go down the order and a more Kallis type of batsman could open with Bopara?

Anonymous said...

I wish we had a Kallis type player (or a Smith, or a de Villiers, or a Duminy etc etc). Personally i'd have gone for Denly at the top of the order (who was in the 30 man provisional squad but was wisely left out for an out of form Key and an Irishman named Morgan (you see, anyone can represent England these days, regardless of nationality)) as he's a specialist opener and yeah, i'd have Wright at number 6. Out of the squad we had however, i'd have preferred to see Napier get a game as he can hit it a long way (16 sixes in one innings last year for Essex). Oh well, we're out now.


Darren Buser on June 16, 2009 at 5:23 PM said...

Yeah but only 2 years till the next one. Identify the right players now and use the time to blood them on the international scene.

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