Friday, July 17, 2009

T20 Cricket In America: A Match Made In Heaven

Americans do many things badly, like international relations, healthy diet and banking to name a few.

But the two things they undeniably have hooked up is television and sports. How often have you watched an IPL match and thought "wow, if only this was America."

Americans would bring lots of money to the sport. If they get behind cricket, we'll have all sorts of new-fangled, star spangled innovation in cricket coverage. Remember how excited you were the first time you saw Hotspot, or Hawkeye? Just watch a baseball match and try to imagine some of that innovation in cricket coverage.

The weakness in the proposal is that they want to launch another competition. There are only so many top class international players in the world. It would be utter madness if the marquee signings of the Denver Hotdogs and the Orlando Oprahs were Gulam Bodi and Napoleon Einstein respectively.

Scheduling would also be a headache. There's way too much cricket at the moment. The best way to solve this problem is for the IPL to be "internationalised" and played one year in India and one year in the States.

Unfortunately, the self serving fucks at the BCCI and Lalit Modi would never let this happen.

Twenty20 cricket is the gateway drug to glorious, beautiful test match addiction. Twenty20 cricket in America could pull a massive viewership. Some of those viewers will become fans of ODI's, and some of those fans will become connoiseurs of test match cricket.

After all, we all start by listening to Green Day, go through a Linkin' Park phase and then we graduate to proper music, like Radiohead.


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