Sunday, July 26, 2009

My 3rd Test Aussie XI

England look as though Bell will be their only change, provided Fred can pull himself together. I'm actually a big Iain Bell fan...probably his only fan really, so I'm happy about that move. He seems to usually do well when I watch him and since I intend to watch the 3rd test, I'd put some money on him getting decent runs.

The Aussie team is a bit more complicated. Clark is banging on the door but nobody is exactly forthcoming in going to open it for him. Haurtiz is surely a lock. Hilfenyorke has definitely done enough. Siddle has looked dangerous but has, I think, picked up the least wickets. And MJ has been all over the place but a) is previously their star performer, b) can bat and c) has still has 8 wickets.

In all honesty, I think I'd leave Clark out for now. But its a tough one.

Far easier is bringing Watson in. For who? North. Or Hussey. Or Ponting. It doesn't really matter because Watson is my favourite Aussie cricketer so whoever he comes in for, he'll be great and we'll all bask in the glory of his greatness.

So...uh...Watson in for North would be the short answer.


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