Sunday, July 5, 2009

Archie Vaughan gets surprise call up

By now we've all heard the story of Michael Vaughan's three year old son, Archie, who was the last of many to knock over his dad's off stump. Well, the story doesn't end with Michael's retirement. In fact, it's just beginning.

Below is an excerpt from England selector Geoff Miller's startling press release:

Earlier today, after much discussion with the other selectors, who have come to the decision to call up Archie Vaughan, into the test squad for the forthcoming Ashes. It is true that Archie is a bit wet behind the ears, and it is also true that none of us have seen him bowl. But I am I strong believer in the saying, "where there is smoke there is fire".

In light of Michael's comments about his sons bowling prowess, we're willing to take a gamble on the kid. Granted, when we called up that Australian roofer last year it went a little tits up, but Archie is a completely different slice of toast. He comes from good stock and I'm sure he'll prove his worth before the series concludes.

When asked if Archie's age is of any concern, Miller added:

If you're good enough, you're old enough. We're just lucky that Archie hasn't started to attend school yet. Why? Because then we'd have a scheduling conflict to deal with. Sorry, but that was a stupid question.


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