Monday, July 20, 2009

The people have been silenced

It has come to my attention that people are having problems leaving comments. I have had no such problems, but then again I am pretty amazing at everything I attempt in life.

If you're amongst those in the dark, please mail us on commentaryposition at gmail dot com and let us know exactly what happens...or doesn't happen.

This "design" is a bit of a pain in the ass. It was either go with the standard blogger template, which looks like ass and requires tons of work to bring up to scratch, or go with an already made one that we like. We liked this one. The problem is now that it doesn't play nice when you actually try and change or modify anything.

For instance, I wanted longer posts to require a jump to read the rest. I found the solution online and jumped into the code to make the changes, but NOTHING that the solution spoke about was in my damn code so I couldn't do anything.

Maybe someone out there is adept in blogger designing and wouldn't mind making a few tweaks to the design? There's a free bottle of Jacques Kallis' Sanex in it for you.


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