Friday, July 24, 2009

4th innings hoodoo broken?

With Sri Lanka holding on for a draw, in the final test with Pakistan, with an impressive 391/4 I can't help but wonder if really big 4th innings scores are here to stay. I don't have the time to do it now (ie. please let someone else do it for me) but I'd love to see the highest 4th innings totals of the last year compared to preceding years.

Last week Australia got 406 against England, even with 3 shocking decisions decimated their top order. While in the recent home and away series between SA and Aus, SA had a 4th innings total over 400 in Perth and Aus got past 400 in Cape Town...although that was the 3rd innings of the game, but effectively the last. SA also managed 393/3 when following on in the drawn test at Lords last year.

It seems like just yesterday that chasing even 300 in the last days of a Test was a bridge too far. Am I just imagining this or do teams need to be extra careful when declaring these days?


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