Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bangladesh "make history"

If making history entails beating the second string XI of a second tier test playing nation, then Bangladesh have made history.

The Tigers have been the whipping boys of world cricket now that Zimbabwe have voluntarily removed themselves from the equation. Their only other test win came at home against Zim.

The argument that “you can only play whoever is put up against you” is true as ever in this case, but there's a feeling of dissatisfaction at the result. Test victories should be earned. It should be 5 days of hard slog against the best of the best of one particular cricketing nation. The current clusterfuck that is the administration of West Indies cricket, hot on the heels of “Stanford-gate” has made Carribbean cricket an international joke.

Bangladesh did what was expected of them by beating a team of anonymous B-grade cricketers. Did they do a professional job? Yes. Did they make history? Fuck no.

Hopefully this embarrassing defeat will galvanize the West Indies' administrators, players and third parties into action and a full strength West Indies team will take the field in the next test. If this is the case, then Bangladesh must drink in this poor imitation of a test victory, because it's going to be a very long time until they are rewarded with the bona-fide article.


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