Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Ashes

Tomorrow kicks off The Ashes. I've got to admit, a week ago I thought the Ashes was a backyard cricket tournament sponsored by Mohammad Ashraful. But, I've been reliably informed that, in actual fact, The Ashes is a pretty important series between England and Australia. This time around Australia are in the worst shape that they've been in since David Boon was turning 3's into quick singles. And England...well they're still pretty awful.

So, one has to ask, are these new ashes created by burning a wooden spoon?

Whatever your stance on the strength of both nations, its always great to see them going toe to toe. Yesterday's amazing collapse by Pakistan, at the hands of Sri Lanka, has definitely whetted the appetite for some real cricket.

Tomorrow Roscoe and I will be posting some predictions, and then we'll be posting a months worth of excuses as to why we got things so very wrong.


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