Thursday, July 9, 2009

Brief day 1 thoughts

- I would rather be England at this stage. If they can squeeze out another 50 runs then they're in the pole position.

- Its already turning on day 1. Australia were dire against South Africa's spinners and will need to up that side of their game to get out of this test with anything.

- I thought Hashim Amla was probably the number 3 batsman to most struggle with the short ball...until I saw Bopara. Wow, he looked like he had never received a bounce above waist height in his life.

- KP's dismissal was probably one of the worst test match shots I've ever seen. I'd feel embarrassed playing that in my backyard.


Anonymous said...

I'd actually rather be in Australia's shoes. Depends on how quickly they can wrap up the tail. I can see Aus digging in and getting a good first innings lead. Still think it's gonna be a draw though.

sean said...

KP is such an idiot playing that shot. no wonder I hate him

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