Sunday, August 2, 2009

4 musings from day 4

1) Earlier Sky showed an interview with Brett Lee, who reckons he's just about ready for a return. He was asked about all the injuries to fast bowlers, specifically Flintoff, and what it all means. Lee didn't really answer the question, because its stupid and the answer is obvious, but he did say that he thought he had a couple more years in him and wanted to concentrate on TEST CRICKET. I think Lee is a dick but I almost pumped my fist (dick, pump, fist...this is some amazing foreshadowing) in the air at that comment. Unlike that big lump Flintoff, Lee would rather play less shorter forms of the game to extend his test career.

Dropping tests to concentrate on ODI and T20 is like dropping sex to concentrate on masturbation.

2) Earlier today Warne was lambasting Rudi Koetzen for another poor decision (an LBW appeal against Bell that did look good). But then they showed the replay...ball hits above the roll. Still, Warne doesn't waver. Then they show hawkeye, which says that the ball would have comfortably gone over the stumps.

At this point Warne realized his error and acknowledged Rudi's impressive call. Like fuck he did! He expects us to buy that his eyes are better than science. Lets do away with the speed gun and instead just ask Warney after each delivery, "how fast was that one?" To which he'd reply, "132.5 km/h".

3) Yesterday Sky put up winning percentages of teams over the least 19 months. South Africa was comfortably top of the test table with Sri Lanka in second. I wish I had written down the stats but if I recall SA was close to 70% winning percentage. England and Australia were around 30-40%. And in those 19 months we've played away in Oz, India and England. Not too shabby.

Then they showed the ODI rankings and, again, SA was well out front with England and Australia lagging far behind.

Finally they showed the T20 rankings and, yup, SA was top, although this time the top spot was shared with Sri Lanka.

I'm sure South Africa will fall back down to earth before too long but all this talk of Australia still being the best or India being the new kings...sorry, right now SA are the best of the best.

4) Told you Bell and Watson would do well. I'm like Nostradmus...if Nostradmus could actually get a prediction right once in awhile.


Anonymous said...

South Africa still lost 3 of their last 4 against the Aussies

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