Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gibbs chooses Chargers over Cobras

The inaugural T20 Champions League kicks off in October and, like its football counterpart, also intends to use the term "champions" very loosely. Nevertheless, the real exciting news is that Herschelle Gibbs has chosen to represent his IPL team, the Deccan Chargers, instead of his home team of Cape Cobras.

To be fair, he's only been playing for the Cobras for half his life. That surely can't compete with the love he must feel for that ragtag team of mercenaries that own his ass for one month a year.

Then again, teams competing in the tournament that lose local players to IPL teams, get compensated $200 000. Is Gibbs worth that much to the Cobras?

That was rhetorical. The answer is FUCK NO!


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