Monday, August 24, 2009

And the winner is...

In reverse order of merit (which is also a fantastic sexual position, by the way)...

Damith from The Fly Slip

Damith got points from the Man of the Series, Best Tosser, 4th Test Result, Fred playing 4 games and there being one Innings Victory. He may have been last but he'd kick all our asses in Sri Lankan predictions.

25 pts

Brian from Different Shades Of Green

Brian was undone by Pieterson's injury but still managed points for 1st and 5th Test Results, Best Tosser, Rain and McDonald being overlooked. Brian also lost 1 pt for submitting his predictions a little late.

34 pts

Our very own Roscoe

Roscoe proved to have great foresight in predicting Pup's good form, but that was undone by his 4-0 Aussie win prediction. He also nabbed points for the 1st and 4th Test Results and nailed the number of games that Fred played.

35 pts

Q from Well Pitched

Q also thought the Aussies would kick sand in the English eyes, but managed to get points for Man of the Series, Best Tosser, 4th Test Result, and McDonald and Lee being overlooked.

35 pts

Krish from...errr...the comments section

Perhaps we bloggers don't know it all? Naaah! Krish got points for Strauss, 4th and 5th Test Results, a single Innings Victory and McDonald. He lost 1 pt for being a little late to the party.

39 pts

Jrod from Cricket With Balls

Mr Balls accumulated his pts with a Strauss, a McDonald and a Lee, and the 1st and 4th Test Results. He lost out on joint 2nd place by being tardy and losing a point.

39 pts

Me from here

Darren showed remarkable foresight in choosing Strauss as the top England run getter. He also nailed the 1st and 4th Test Results, the single innings victory and the "points for jam" McDonald.

40 pts

Skroegerj from the comments section

Not content with stealing my victory, Skroegerj also tried to spoil the notion that if you write a blog you are an expert. He got Tosser, 1st and 5th Test Results and the Innings Victory. But what clinched it was not only predicting an England win, but getting the correct series result. What a bastard!

44 pts

Since the guys that actually take to the field in the Ashes only win this, Skroegerj's trophy will have to be viewed under a microscope.

Thanks to everyone that participated. It was a bit of a slap dash competition but we'll endeavour to make the Champs Trophy competition even better.


skroegerj said...

WOOHOOOO!!!!! Thanks for the microscopic trophy Darren!! hehe...

I think my betting on England to pull off a 2-1 was based on my heartfelt wish that England would win and the knowledge that Australia would never give away a series without at least winning a single game.

That was a fun...

Darren Buser on August 25, 2009 at 2:06 PM said...


So, if anyone has some good category ideas for the Champs Trophy contest, let me know.

The biggest problem is having things that are fact based and easy enough to check up on. So something like "how many dropped catches will there be in the tournament?" may sound fun, but is almost impossible to keep track of.

Krish on August 25, 2009 at 5:14 PM said...

Darren, my website is Kridaya at Thanks for adding me to the contest.


Darren Buser on August 25, 2009 at 11:30 PM said...

Ah, will add you to the links and blog roll and give the blog a punt if you submit predictions for the champs.

skroegerj said...

Here are a few suggestions for the Champions Trophy contest :

1) Who's going to top each group
2) Semi-finalists, finalists and winner
3) Leading run-scorer after group stages
4) Team that effects the most run-outs in the tournament
5) No. of Roelof van der Merwe's wild slogs that are amazingly mishit for six through the off side...

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