Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Referral system saves the day

Actually, it might have just saved Daryl Harper's life. Harper's finger went up after a half assed edge down the legside appeal against Ashwell Prince. Prince quickly asked for a referral and was so sure he wasn't out he was actually grinning as he did so.

Replays showed his bat was nowhere near the ball and the decision was overturned. What the replays also showed was that Prince was kinda walking in the direction of the changing rooms directly after the appeal and Harper must have assumed he was walking.

The scary thing is that while it was clearly a misunderstanding, I can't imagine Prince could have talked his way out of it if there wasn't the system in place. In fact, trying to do so would probably have resulted in a huge fine.

I was completely behind the new referral system before this incident but it probably needed a real ridiculous decision to be corrected in order for some of the on-the-fence-ers to see the benefits of the system.


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