Wednesday, January 13, 2010


On Monday Mickey Arthur said the following:

[quote]"We probably have to gamble because we have to win. So our style of play will be important, our brand will have to be more positive and maybe we'll gamble with the pitch as well."[/quote]

But then today Smith said this:

[quote]"I disagree with people saying we have to gamble. Precision will be the key, we have to get our basics right."[/quote]

Right, got that lads?

Personally, I hope we do gamble. And not just by asking for a grassy pitch or, gasp, going in without a spinner (although recently we've been effectively doing that anyway). No, I want to see some real risk taking.

If we lose the toss, I want Smith to offer Strauss double or nothing if we can toss again. If we bat first I want to see Smith striding in the general direction of the wicket with a blindfold on. When we bowl I want us to start with the same field we had at the end of the first test.

We can do this!

I think I'm suffering from heatstroke.


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