Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Warne vs Gibbs

When I heard there was a Herschelle Gibbs sex tape I was thrilled. For too long now, Shane Warne's sex tape has been the cricket sex tape to beat. But surely if anyone could take the number #1 spot it'd be SA's favourite bad boy, Gibbsy.

Warney had a threesome. Gibbsy had a foursome. So far so good. Only #4 of that little square was another dude (not even in teammate I might add). And it was in a strip club. And there was no sex. And you can barely make out Gibbs' egg like head from the high angle of the camera.

Most disappointing of all, Gibbs doesn't show off any of the risk taking, quick hands and excitement that he's known for on the field.

Nope, Warney has beaten us once again I'm afraid. Better luck next time, boys.


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